WSO Policies on ACA meetings maintaining compliance with the ACA Traditions

WSO Policies on ACA meetings maintaining compliance with the ACA Traditions

ACA meetings are where we find the safety to share our fears, experience, strength and hope.

To be listed on the WSO web site meeting list, ACA meetings submit to the WSO a meeting registration form with the relevant meeting details, and they submit similar annual updates to verify the continuance of the meeting. As part of this registration process, the meeting’s Point of Contact affirms the meeting’s intent to follow the ACA Twelve Steps and Traditions to the best of their ability. With close adherence to the Traditions, ACA meetings become a welcoming place and safe place for newcomers and members to share their Experience, Strength and Hope (ESH) free of comments or crosstalk.

As each ACA meeting is autonomous, the WSO does not have the capability nor desire to police meetings to ensure compliance with the Traditions. We expect that the meetings will abide by their registration affirmation.

While the WSO does not try to engage in enforcing compliance to the Traditions within a meeting, the WSO will not continue to list meetings that continually violate the Traditions, especially when such verified non-compliance results in non-welcoming activities that are unsafe to newcomers and/or stifling the open sharing of one’s ESH.

When unsafe activities are present within a meeting, the WSO will often receive complaints with specific allegations from attendees about the meeting. The WSO responds to such allegations and complaints about registered meetings. In general when such an allegation is received, the webmaster will send a notice to the meeting Point of Contact notifying them of the allegation and request clarifications regarding the allegations. The intent of this notice (and relevant follow-up) is to hopefully lead the meeting into a closer adherence of the ACA Traditions, and to provide guidance to the meeting where appropriate to achieve that end. In most cases, meetings respond favorably to the guidance received; they work within their meeting to resolve any relevant problems, and end up with a meeting even better than before.

After trying to resolve complaints about a meeting, the WSO occasionally encounters meetings that choose to run their meeting contrary to the principles of the ACA Traditions and refuse to address corrective actions to resolve the relevant issues. When this occurs, after extended discussions between WSO Board members and the meeting Points of Contact, the WSO reserves the right to remove such meetings from the meeting list on the WSO web site. Of course, such meetings are free to continue to meet in the manner they desire, but the WSO will no longer be involved in referring potential inquirers to these meetings through the WSO web site.

In extreme situations, a meeting may preclude ACAs from attending at all or might solicit donations to other entities. In these rare kinds of cases, the WSO reserves the right to delist them without any notice as these are unconscionable violations of our traditions and cannot be reconciled with our primary purpose.

In all situations of issues within ACA meetings, the ACA WSO is always open to engage in a productive conversation when registering groups are so inclined. Meeting Points of Contact are encouraged to use the Contact WSO form to initiate such conversations.