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Updates to the Shopping Cart Tri-Folds:

  • The Tri-Folds are now being shipped unfolded, resulting in reduced procurement costs, which we are sharing with the fellowship with an overall 10% price reduction. It will thus be left to those ordering Tri-Folds to fold them accordingly. Many groups have found this as a relaxing activity to do either before or after a meeting.
  • The Tri-Folds are now bundled in packages of 10 instead of being available individually. This simplify order processing without causing a cost burden on the meetings ordering such Tri-Folds.
  • In recognition that some meetings may want a sample of the Tri-Folds, the WSO has added a Tri-Folds Assortment item (in the Shopping Cart's Package Assembly area) consisting of a single copy of each available Tri-Fold.

Go to to view the Shopping Cart and to place an order.

Brochures have been removed from the Shopping Cart, though no items have been removed. How it this possible you ask? There has often been confusion over which literature items were properly called "brochures". Since all the items in the Shopping Cart in the Brochures category were Tri-Folds, we've renamed that category as Tri-Folds. So nothing has changed except for the name.

Please let us know about your experience using the Shopping Cart. You can send us a note using the Contact Us form on the web site.

We urge all members to use the new Shopping Cart for all future orders. Due to multiple problems in processing orders using the obsolete paper Literature and Fellowship Text order forms, we will no longer be able to accept orders sent using these forms. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing about your new ordering experience using the WSO Shopping Cart.