Adult Children of Alcoholics
World Service Organization

2013 Annual Business Meeting
Group Conscience Items from meetings and Intergroups

Guidelines for submitting ACA items for to the 2013 ABC:

  • Each proposed item must be derived from an informed group conscience discussion.
  • Each item should be singular in nature, written in motion format and be accompanied by a history and arguments in favor.
  • The submission should not exceed 500 words total.

We recognize that our program operates within the Spirit of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and that we must exercise judicious behavior in being of service to our fellowship.

We encourage all submissions to strive to embrace the needs of our fellowship as a whole.

Please specify the WSO Meeting Number for your meeting:
Don't know your WSO meeting number? Then click here to go to the ACA meeting list.
When you find your meeting, you'll find the WSO meeting number in parenthesis near the end of your meeting's description.

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To save ACA funds, we would like to send the next ABC mailing to your ACA Meeting/InterGroup through your e-mail address above instead of postal mail.

Please indicate whether you are able to receive the next mailing by e-mail to the above address instead of using postal mail.

The motions we receive will be put into a Group Conscience Survey ballot and sent out to the membership by January 6, 2013. Voting will occur February thru March 2013. Voting will also be available on-line at this same Internet address.

Those issues receiving a 2/3 vote of support by the ACA meetings/InterGroups will then be considered at the ABC. The issues approved at the ABC may then serve as items for WSO action during the following year.

In clicking Submit, your issue will be submitted to the 2013 ABC Committee and you will receive a copy of your submission by e-mail to the address entered above.