World Service Organization Ballot results for 2013 Annual Business Conference (ABC)

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Proposal 2013-1: The sentence "Your will, not mine, be done" be removed from the BRB Meditation.
Motion_01: 33%: Failed
Yes: 48, No: 96, No Opinion: 11

Proposal 2013-2: Reduce the cost of postage/shipping of red books and workbooks internationally.
Motion_02: Yes = 77%: Passed
Yes: 108, No: 33, No Opinion: 14

Proposal 2013-3: Develop and publish a daily reader for ACA.
Motion_03: Yes = 69%: Passed
Yes: 102, No: 46, No Opinion: 6

Proposal 2013-4: Want a collective opinion / group consciousness regarding how the meeting is ended; with the serenity prayer or freely chosen by the groups?
Motion_04: 31%: Failed
Yes: 45, No: 98, No Opinion: 11

Proposal 2013-5: Want a collective opinion/group consciousness about touching in the meetings, i.e. allow hugs or holding hands
Motion_05: 31%: Failed
Yes: 43, No: 96, No Opinion: 14

Proposal 2013-6: The Steps of the ACA program be reviewed/rewritten to ensure they more accurately reflect ACA principles in the Big Red Book and Yellow Work Book.
Motion_06: 53%: Failed
Yes: 76, No: 67, No Opinion: 10

Proposal 2013-7: Develop a pamphlet of the Twelve Traditions of ACA from our Big Red Book.
Motion_07: Yes = 84%: Passed
Yes: 123, No: 24, No Opinion: 8

Proposal 2013-8: A pamphlet be created that offers multiple options/ways of using the Workbook, to include it's use in structured Workbook meeting.
Motion_08: Yes = 80%: Passed
Yes: 112, No: 28, No Opinion: 15

Proposal 2013-9: WSO grant the rights to the groups in the Netherlands to print certain sections of WSO literature.
Motion_09: 59%: Failed
Yes: 80, No: 56, No Opinion: 18

Proposal 2013-10: WSO grant the rights to the groups in the Netherlands to print WSO pamphlets.
Motion_10: Yes = 71%: Passed
Yes: 100, No: 40, No Opinion: 15

Proposal 2013-11: WSO grant the rights to the groups in the Netherlands to print the ACA Big Book and the ACA Step Working guide.
Motion_11: Yes = 68%: Passed
Yes: 92, No: 43, No Opinion: 16

Proposal 2013-12: The word "God" be replaced in the literature everywhere with the words "Higher Power" and ensure "Higher Power" is never referred to using the pronouns "he" or "she."
Motion_12: 43%: Failed
Yes: 64, No: 84, No Opinion: 6

Proposal 2013-13: The WSO have available for sale, 12 Step and 12 Tradition banners.
Motion_13: Yes = 68%: Passed
Yes: 95, No: 45, No Opinion: 14

Proposal 2013-14: The ABC improve page-number-based navigation in all eBook formats of the Big Book
Motion_14: Yes = 71%: Passed
Yes: 98, No: 40, No Opinion: 16

Proposal 2013-15: Need a guide on how to help the development and growth of ACA groups.
Motion_15: Yes = 73%: Passed
Yes: 105, No: 38, No Opinion: 12

Proposal 2013-16: Would like some guidelines on how ACA can be on Facebook. How can we be on Facebook without violating our traditions?
Motion_16: Yes = 77%: Passed
Yes: 111, No: 34, No Opinion: 7