Adult Children of Alcoholics
World Service Organization

2014 Annual Business Meeting
Registration Attendance Form

The WSO encourages all ACA Meetings and InterGroups to nominate one or more persons to attend the ABC. One person in attendance from the meeting will serve as their representative for purposes of voting at the ABC.

To register for the ABC, please complete the following:

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Don't know your WSO meeting number? Then click here to go to the ACA meeting list. When you find your meeting, you'll find the WSO meeting number in parenthesis near the end of your meeting's description.
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Please indicate whether you have been nominated by your group to represent and vote for your group at the 2014 ABC.
NOTE: While any and all ACA members are welcome to attend the ABC, only one person can be nominated to represent and vote for your group.

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In clicking Submit, you are certifying that your submission represents a Group Conscience of your ACA meeting.
Your registration from will be submitted to the ABC Committee and you will receive a copy of your submission by e-mail to the address entered above.