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World Service Organization

2012 Annual Business Conference (ABC)

The 2012 World Service Annual Business Conference (ABC) was held April 27 - 29, 2012 in Long Beach, California. Attendees also visited the WSO office in Signal Hill as part of the conference.

An ABC is held annually by the WSO. All ACA members are welcome to attend. Each registered ACA group and Inter Group is encouraged to elect one voting delegate to attend the ABC. Only those delegates registered as the authorized representative of their ACA group or Inter Group are eligible to vote on motions at the ABC.

At the ABC, the Cross Talk and Good Enough (Group Inventory) proposed brochures were approved for review by the fellowship. The fellowship is invited to download and review these documents during this year and to submit comments to the Literature Committee; please include the relevant page and line number with your comments. The resultant documents will be submitted for approval at the 2013 ABC in April 2013.

The fellowship is further invited to offer their own shares on these subjects in brief shares of approximately 100 words. All submitted shares will be considered for inclusion in the applicable brochure as long as they are accompanied with a statement that you are freely giving ACA WSO the absolute right to use, print, publish, and edit for brevity or clarity. Your statement must also grant ACA WSO ownership of the share. ACA WSO may choose to use it as it deems fit. Simply copying and pasting this paragraph under your share and typing "I have read and agree with this statement" will be sufficient.

Please submit your comments and shares using the Contact WSO form, citing the Topic Area "Literature Committee".

All registered ACA meetings and Inter Groups received an announcement around September of the previous year for proposals of items of interest or concern to be brought to the subsequent ABC. These proposals are collected by the WSO and Survey Ballots are subsequently sent to all registered ACA Meetings and Inter Groups around January for a consensus of which proposals are to be discussed at the ABC. Proposals receiving at least a 2/3 majority of those returned ballots are then brought forth for discussion at the ABC. The ABC then reviews the proposals and advises the WSO on desired actions relative to the proposals.

For the 2012 ABC, 10 proposals were received and submitted to the fellowship for consideration. Ballots were received from 92 meetings and Inter Groups. We thank all these meetings and Inter Groups for their participation. Based on their inputs, four of the proposals received the required 2/3 support and were included for discussion at the ABC. Click here for a copy of the proposals and ballot results. Click here for a draft copy of the resultant minutes.

For planning purposes, the 2013 ABC will be held April 26-28, 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For information on the prior year Annual Business Conferences, go to either the 2011 ABC Report or the 2010 ABC Report.