Lights On Program


If there is no ACA meeting in your country and if you start the first meeting, your meeting will qualify for the Lights On Program where the meeting will receive a free Meeting Starter Kit.

Here are steps to get started:

  • Register the meeting by contacting the meetings special worker at and you will receive your meeting number.
  • Once you receive your meeting number from the meetings special worker, send an email with your exact shipping details and meeting number to the WSO office at Tell the office person that it is the first meeting in the country and qualifies to get a free Meeting Starter Kit. If the office person has a question about the free Meeting Starter Kit offer via the "Lights On" program, he or she may contact MPS at
  • Please send MPS a note at to get further support for your meeting.
  • If there are institutions or professionals in your area who help adult children, they may qualify for free literature themselves. This will be helpful in sending members to your new meeting.
  • While you wait for your meeting to get started, you can attend telephone meetings.

    Meeting Starter Kit items:
    New Meeting Packet ACA Meeting Packet (Included in this 3-ring binder is a meeting format, readings, business forms, guidelines, sheet protectors, and officers/service information.) Trifolds Cross Talk Booklets Good Enough Booklet Welcome Chip Tri-folds Cross Talk Booklet Good Enough Group Booklet Welcome Chip

    12 Step Workbook-Spiral Bound ACA Fellowship Text-Hard Cover Strengthening My Recovery - Soft Cover - Pocket Size Identity Paper Booklet Newcomer Booklet