Literature Order Information

ACA WSO has several pieces of Conference Approved Literature and other items for distribution. The suggested donation helps cover our cost of production.

Items include our monthly magazine (ComLine), Newcomer Booklet, New Meeting Pack (everything you need to start up a meeting) as well as Medallions and Chips for presentation to members in recognition of their attendance. New items will be added as the fellowship approves them and the delegates vote at the Annual Business Conference to add the new literature into the conference approved literature list for the Literature Committee to fulfill. 

If you wish to view the list of literature presently available click here.
After viewing the list you decide you would like to place an order, you may print your list by clicking on the print icon that says "printable version" at the top right corner of the page under "contact us".

Please remember that we are a few dedicated volunteers trying to answer many inquiries and fulfill duties so please be patient. If you do not receive your order within a few weeks, please contact us using our ACA WSO contact form.