Public Awareness

  • “ACA WSO committees prepare the literature for conference approval, prepare the monthly newsletter (The ComLine), coordinate group outreach, and provide public information.”
  • “By serving as a central point of group communication, the WSO encourages unity and similarity among ACA meetings. ACA WSO coordinates meeting information worldwide. It is one place where ACA groups and the general public can find information, literature, and locations of meetings.”
  • “The Intergroup helps coordinate helpline functions, public information efforts, hospitals and institutions meetings, and ACA events in a given area.”
  • “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films.”
  • “Our best public relations policy is twofold. We survive and grow as a fellowship by carrying the message to others in a manner that creates attraction rather than promotion. We also flourish through the good word of others who know about our program and recommend us.”
  • “This is the program that saved my life. I owe this program and the people in it my life, my success, my money, and my joy. Because of my love for ACA, I have delivered meeting directories to every library, therapist’s office, Twelve Step recovery center, college and university health facility, counseling office, psychology department, business and government personnel office, and church in my city.”
  • How do we let the public know we're here?
  • There are many pages in the fellowship text that go into detail about these types of scenarios. (292, 613, 515, 546)