Trauma Recovery

  • “Ours is one of the few Twelve Step fellowships that embraces the difficult task of trauma work, which can often lead to an exciting journey to the Inner Child or True Self.”
  • “While ACA uses the term disease to describe the cause and consequences of trauma, as The Problem states, it’s a process of conditioning, or learned behavior. What can be learned can be unlearned....”
  • “Over the last 25 years, research and practice have verified the detrimental effects of growing up in a traumatic and hurtful family. And since 1978, when ACA was founded, countless adult children of alcoholics and trauma have slowly worked their programs of recovery….”
  • “Clinical research strongly suggests that childhood trauma or neglect are stored in the tissue of the children. The emotional or physical trauma does not go away without an effort to address the original cause. In some cases the stored hurt creates a dissociative effect in the adult. The adult child has dissociated from his or her body. The person appears to function quite normally in society; however, the stored trauma is there, creating bodily ailments that can appear as depression, panic disorders, hyperactivity, or sloth.”
  • The fellowship text incorporates trauma recovery as a part of ACA recovery.
  • If you are receiving care from a professional for trauma recovery here is something that might help you and the professional work together.