ACA WSO Literature is currently being translated into several languages (e.g. Finnish, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and more) and we are hoping to have other translations coming soon. As these become available, they will be listed on our ACA Literature Order Information page. If you would like to help in translating the WSO literature into your own language, please see the guidelines below.

General Overview of Translations Process

Thank you for your interest in translating Adult Children of Alcoholics World Services Organization (ACA WSO) Conference Approved Literature.

ACA is an international fellowship experiencing world-wide growth fueled by membership interest in the publication of the ACA Fellowship Text in November 2006 and Twelve Steps of Adult Children workbook in November 2007.

ACA WSO appreciates our members’ interest in the translation of our fellowship’s literature. ACA WSO owns and is responsible for protecting the copyright of our fellowship’s literature in addition to ensuring its accuracy and meaning when translated by registered ACA groups and Intergroups.

If your group or Intergroup is not registered with ACA WSO, please review registration guidelines on this website by clicking here.

In an effort to spread the ACA message, we have developed a simple process to handle translations that we hope you will consider to help us spread the ACA message across the globe.

This is only an overview of the process. In addition, there is a Translation Agreement and other documents that accompany this information. For more information, you may e-mail the ACA WSO Translations Coordinator here.

Getting Started

In order to safeguard the proprietary interest ACA WSO has in its literature, everyone involved in translating ACA WSO Literature must sign the Translation and Verification Agreement (see note). These agreements allow WSO to have a point of contact with the translation group since translation projects can take many months or years to complete.

Going Forward

Once a registered group or Intergroup has signed and sent the Agreements to ACA WSO, you can begin to translate. In order to start the translation process, we suggest beginning with a Translation Glossary of key terms and translating a tri-fold (e.g. ACA Is …) that will allow us to gauge the accuracy of the translations that you are offering.

When ACA WSO receives a translated document, we will have it verified by a professional translator. If the quality is good, ACA WSO will list and publish the item and give the go ahead to translate other ACA WSO Conference Approved Literature such as ACA Fellowship Text, Twelve Steps of Adult Children (Yellow Workbook), or the Identity Paper reports.

The Long Haul

As the work progresses and projects are completed, they are to be sent to ACA WSO to have the work verified and ready them for publication for fellowship distribution through ACA WSO.

Meanwhile …

In the meantime, the translating group may use the material at their meetings so long as the materials are marked:

  • Unapproved Draft. These materials have not been verified by the ACA WSO.
  • Copyrighted by Adult Children of Alcoholics World Services Organization, Torrance, Calif., USA.
  • Any copying or distribution without prior written consent from ACA WSO is a violation of copyright law.

Wrapping the Process

Once the materials have been translated and verified by ACA WSO, then the translating group or Intergroup* will be given the authority to a limited, one-time, first edition printing and a limited distribution right in their country in consideration of the effort (sweat equity) they have put into translating the materials.

ACA WSO will oversee this limited printing to assure layout and presentation consistency. ACA WSO will also oversee all future printings and distribution from its North American office. This one-time, limited printing applies only to the ACA Fellowship Text and Yellow Workbook (Twelve Steps of Adult Children). No individual may profit from this one-time printing right.

ACA WSO reserves all rights to the copyrighted materials inclusive of, but not limited to, the right to print and sell its book and workbook world wide from the ACA WSO office.

Additional Information

Should the group disband, all materials produced must be sent to ACA WSO for safekeeping and ACA WSO may decide to continue the translation process when the resources are available.

Thank you once again for considering helping us spread the ACA Message across the globe.

Here are links to the Translation and Verification Agreement and a Sample Glossary.

Note: In order to gain a limited right to publish, only registered ACA groups or intergroups that sign the Translation and Verification Agreements will receive a limited right to print and distribute the translated material on a one-time basis.