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The WSO Board recently became aware that a vendor is using our meeting contact information for solicitation purposes, including the improper use of confidential ACA email addresses and phone numbers. ACA does not endorse or lend the ACA name to any related or outside enterprises and considers the use of ACA meeting Points of Contact information for purposes not directly related to ACA to be a serious violation of the ACA Traditions.

ACA WSO is taking immediate, direct and decisive action to stop this activity and has no tolerance for such activity. We understand and appreciate our member's anonymity.

We are asking ACA members who are so contacted to decline such solicitations and to notify the WSO of the solicitation thru use of the Contact WSO Form. We thank all ACA members for their assistance in this matter.

We regret any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused, and remain committed to our singleness of purpose - to spread our message of recovery to the adult children of the world.

The following is an extract of the notice sent to this vendor:

To Whom It May Concern:
It was brought to our attention that your firm contacted some of our meeting contact persons for the purpose, inter alia, of soliciting book orders.

Our meeting directories and the contact information is only to be used by persons interested in learning about the ACA program and our meetings.

Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization oversees this confidential meeting list contact information to spread our message, not to facilitate such solicitations.

Your use of that information is unauthorized and a flagrant disregard of the confidentiality acknowledgment we ask persons accessing that information to abide by.

The use of this information for commercial purposes violates the ACA Tradition of non-affiliation with any related or outside enterprises. Moreover, such use of the information violates our singleness of purpose Tradition.

We cannot allow this to happen as it would jeopardize the lives of the people we are endeavoring to help.

We have asked, and you have agreed, to respect the confidentiality of our meeting contact information and cease attempting to solicit any business from them.


Board of Trustees of Adult Children of Alcoholics,
World Service Organization, Inc.